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ZZY Series of Self-operated Control Valve,there is no need for any external power source,only used fluid own energy to adjusted the valve opening automatically, and pressure set value can be adjusted freely during on working condition. With advantages of quick-opening flow characteristic, flexible operation,good sealing performance,stable fluid pressure,high regulating precision level and low leakage etc.It is widely used in automatic control of the inlet-valve and outlet-valve pressure reduction, stabilization of the fluids, such as air, liquid and vapor in various industrial equipments,like industries in petroleum, chemical engineering,electric power,metallurgy,food, light textile,machinery manufacturing and residential buildings etc. With the condenser, it can continuous on working under 350℃steam condition.

Specifications And Technical Parameters.

Nominal Diameter DN15~300
Nominal Pressure PN1.6~10.0MPa   ANSI 150~600lb
Density Temperature -60~350℃
Connection Type Flange
Body Material WCB、CF8、CF8M、CF8M
Plug Material 304、316L、PTFE、PPL
Seat Material 304、316L、316L+ Stellite
Flow Characteristic Quick open
Rated R 30:1
Control Accuracy 10%
Leakage Soft Sealing ANSI Class VI
Hard Sealing ANSI Class IV
Pressure Adjusting Range 30~4000KPa