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YSIQ(D)10 Series of Intelligent Control Valve use modular design,with advantages of impact structure and wide varieties.The varieties combination of the trim components, make it applicable for high pressure difference,high precision and low noise conditions to meet the different usage for customers’ requirements.The modular design,double-sides valve seat and compressing connection of the valve body, all greatly enhance valve sealing grade and its service life, which make it easy to repair and greatly increase its general performance.

ZM10 series muti-springs pneumatic reinforce actuator, makes the valve realize the conversion of normal close and normal open on site easily,the spring can be effectively protected from the corrosion to prolong the service life of actuator and convenient for customers operation. The actuator and the intelligent valve positioner are connected pipeless to strengthen the antisemitic performance,stability and precision adjustment, to meet to exactly control of the working conditions.


Specifications And Technical Parameters

Nominal Diameter DN15~400
Nominal Pressure PN1.6~10.0MPa   ANSI 150~600lb
Density Temperature -196~595℃
Connection Type Flange,Welding
Bonnet Type STD,High temperature type,Low temperature type,Bellow sealing type
Body Material WCB、CF8、CF8M、CF3M
Valve Trim Material 304、304+Stellite、316L、316L+Stellite
Flow Characteristic 304、304+Stellite、316L、316L+Stellite
Leakage Hard Sealing ANSI Class IV、V
Soft Sealing ANSI Class VI