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Metalic - plastic multilayer piping systems and fittings Enolgas is certificate the standard UNI/TS 11344 and ISO 17484.

Multilayer pipe rolls
Standard PEX-C/ALU/ PEAD

Inner layer: Cross-linked polyethylene (PEX-C);
The inner layer of the pipes is made of cross-linked polyethylene (PEX-C), which provides the product with a good mechanical solidity and a particular outstanding thermal resistance.

The inner intermediate PEX-C layer is provided with a tape so to be integrally attached to the intermediate aluminium alloy layer. The aluminium film is adapted to the PEX-C pipe and welded longitudinally. Aluminium alloy films with different thicknesses are used to deve- lop the various diameters: 0,40mm for diameters 32 pipes; 0,20mm for diameters 16-20-25 pipes.
The intermediate layer is an oxygen barrier and provides the EASY•GAS and EASY•WATER systems, the typical stability for metal piping.

Outer layer: Polyethylene (PEAD)
The intermediate layer is also provided with tape so as to attach it to the outher layer in polyethylene (PE), the purpose of which, is to protect the aluminium against any actions of external agents (oxygen, humidity, etc...).

Corrugated insulation cover on request.